Leiden Marketing

Leiden Marketing is the city marketing organisation of the city of Leiden, responsible for an integral approach for the positioning of the brand ‘Leiden’. Via long term branding, stimulating joint co-operations and the development of on brand products, they focus on reaching their target groups:

More visitors (both national and international, long and short stay) to the city, standing for more wealth, employment and reinforcement of our brand.

Inhabitants are ambassadors and influencers and therefore important for overall branding. Leiden region should be a good place for living, working and recreation.

More organisations/companies establishing in our region and extension of companies will lead to a larger economical spin off and emphasizing the value of Leiden as a brand.

Leiden Marketing safeguards the storytelling of the city and region towards these target groups and stands for an uniform positioning. They also  explain the host role of the city, with the VVV Leiden Brandstore, the regional Expat Centre Leiden and the coordination on overall city hospitality and city dressing.

Please visit: https://www.leiden.nl/en