about_corine_van_der_ceelen.jpgAs of August 2016, the Expat Centre Leiden has employed a new manager, Corine van der Ceelen. Van der Ceelen, herself an expat in Malaysia and India for seven years, is familiar with the expat world and has a background in Human Resource Management. The expat manager operates and organises the redesigned Expat Centre Leiden on a regional scale, in order to establish a reputation as an international knowledge region. The expats, the organisations concerned and future international companies are key players in this process.

International experience

Van der Ceelen has worked abroad for both Dutch and international companies. “I believe that, based on my knowledge and experience, I know what to needs to be done in Leiden. In addition, I can draw on my own experience as an expat, and I know like no other -on all fronts- what it entails. I am enjoying working at the ECL putting my experience to use for the Leiden region”, according to Van der Ceelen.

Economie071, the initiator of the regional Expat Centre, are satisfied with Van der Ceelen. Wendelien Tönjann, alderman of Oegstgeest: “With Corine, we believe that we will be able to take the Expat Centre to the next level, and professionalize our services. A good expat climate will generate opportunities for the entire region, and so the role of a good expat manager is crucial.”

Services in four steps

Foreign knowledge workers can contact the regional Expat Centre for questions, a municipal registration, a referral to a school or association, or for social networks. For companies and municipalities, it is a place where they can be informed of the latest trends and developments. The Expat Centre offers services in four steps: ‘Coming to, Settling in, Living in and Leaving to.’ Every phase -from orientation to departure- offers opportunities.