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Eigen Haard Makelaars

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About us
Eigen Haard Makelaars is an agency with over 75 years of experience in the local housing market. If you are looking for accommodation to rent or a house to buy, the Eigen Haard team will be standing by to assist you with their experience and expertise.  

Our services
Eigen Haard is specialized in services for the expat community regarding all housing issues:

  • We offer fully and partly/semi furnished accommodation for extensive and short periods;
  • Eigen Haard manages property on behalf of owners and offers services to owners and tenants regarding their accommodation;
  • A legally sound contract is a top priority;
  • Full assistance with the check in and check out of the property;
  • No broker’s fee for properties listed by Eigen Haard;
  • Always the latest overview of available rental accommodation and property to buy;
  • Specialized in helping you with making the best possible choice;
  • We are a full service agency regarding selling and buying property.

Check our website www.eigen-haard.nl for all information and the latest listings (also in English).

Eigen Haard Makelaars
Visiting address: Geversstraat 63, 2341 GC Oegstgeest    
Postal adress: Postbus 1216, 2340 BE Oegstgeest
T +31 (0)71 519 1919    
F +31 (0)71  519 1929
E makelaar@eigen-haard.nl

Contact: Dirk Jan Lancel

Website: www.eigen-haard.nl



LIMES international tax + expat 

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About us
LIMES international is independent of any firm of accountants or auditors, potential conflicts of interest or Chinese walls. Our team of 70 specialists offers integrated solutions for a broad range of services for all aspects of your cross border business in the following areas.

Our services

  • tax + expat
  • legal
  • payroll
  • immigration + relocation
  • pension + insurance
  • hr + recruitment
  • vat + customs

Specific expertise

  • tax efficient international business set ups
  • international reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions
  • tax treaties and profit repatriation
  • intercompany pricing issues
  • corporate tax audits
  • VAT registration and validation of VAT numbers
  • preliminary VAT and import duties analysis
  • set up and implementation of flexible assignment policies
  • arrival and departure meetings
  • international tax and social security planning
  • application of 30%-ruling for inbound and outbound expatriates
  • split salary and stock option schemes
  • tax compliance services
  • (international) employment contracts
  • international pension schemes
  • individual of collective terminations
  • tax and legal litigation issues
  • set up international (confidential) payroll
  • implementation of hypotax and tax equalization agreements
  • implementation of foreign social security and pension premiums
  • preparation of payslips,annual income statements andwage tax returns
  • preparation of custom management information
  • providing digital HR services
  • recruiting international HR executives or managers
  • ad-hoc or interim HR advice
  • residence and work permits
  • opening bank accounts
  • searching for (temporary) housing and schooling
  • partner career of volunteer programs

LIMES international tax + expat
Visiting address:
Voorschoterweg 23G
2235 SE  Valkenburg ZH

Postal adress:
Postbus 504
2300 AM  LEIDEN 

T +31 (0)88-0899000

Huub Kapel, huub@limes-int.com
Nick Domburg, nick@limes-int.com
Age Seinstra, age@limes-int.com

Website: www.limes-int.com




rabobank logo website

Welcome in Leiden
When you’re working in Leiden for a longer period, a Dutch bank account can be practical for you. You can open an account with us at the Rabobank. We can also offer you a package deal for the insurance you need in the Netherlands. Visit our website for more information.

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Visiting address: Schipholweg 9, Leiden
T +31 (0)71 700 6000

Contact: Lisette Schrandt



RWV Advocaten

rwv advocaten outline

Legal experts 4 expats
With a reputation for reliability and quality for over 125 years, we employ some 30 lawyers in our Leiden and Noordwijk offices. We’re large enough to accommodate specialists in just about every area of the law so that we can deal with any legal problem you might have. At the same time, we’re small enough to have a simple organisational structure, short lines of communication and a deep sense of personal involvement.

Our philosophy
We are pragmatic and creative. Our aim is to find a solution for the problem at hand. Whether it’s a question of mediating in a conflict, drafting a contract, supplying you with a legal opinion or representing you in court, it is your interests and wishes that guide us.

Our services
Employment Law:
All sorts of questions are bound to arise if you hear that your employer is planning to terminate your contract of employment. These include:

  • Can I be dismissed just like that?
  • Am I entitled to severance pay?
  • Am I entitled to unemployment benefit?
  • What should I do?
  • What should I not do?

These and other questions are answered on our website: www.rwv.nl/en/sections/145/dismissal_private-sector_employees or contact mr. Thijs de Jong (t.dejong@rwv.nl / 071- 750 22 73)

Family Law
Family law encompasses all the legal aspects of human relations in the broadest sense of the word, from before the cradle to beyond the grave. Basically, family law is about people. In addition to being legal experts, our lawyers know about human relations and take a personal interest in their clients. Which is a good thing, as no two people – and no two situations – are the same. We deliver a personalised service. We offer our clients a working relationship that is built on trust and a sense of security, and in which we join forces to find the best solution for our clients.

We have a close-knit network of international accountants, tax consultants and pension experts. In this increasingly globalised society, we offer a unique combination of specialist expertise and vast experience in international family law.

More information? Contact mr. Karen-Rueb-Braakman (k.rueb@rwv.nl / 071-750 22 05) or visit our website: www.rwv.nl/en/sections/10/family_law

Property Law
We deal with all property-related matters. These includes problems and disputes involving landlord and tenant law and sale of property.
Our aim is to deliver a top-class service by working both thoroughly and efficiently. That’s why we win cases.

More information? Contact mr. Frank Dekkers (f.dekkers@rwv.nl / 071-750 22 71) or visit our website: www.rwv.nl/en/sections/41/property

For more services visit our website: www.rwv.nl/en

RWV Advocaten
Visiting addresses:
Leiden, Haagweg 149, 2321 AA Leiden
Postal address: Postbus 11231, 2301 EE Leiden
T: +31 (0)71-750 22 00
F: +31 (0)71-750 22 01
Website: www.rwv.nl/en


tweelwonen heel verkleind

About us
Tweelwonen has been renting, letting and managing rental properties for over 21 years. With more than 40 offices and over 3500 houses for rent on the short term, we are the largest real estate broker in homes for rent in The Netherlands. Tweelwonen; Winner in Housing Mediation.

Our services 
Tweelwonen can mediate and assist you when you wish to rent a room, apartment or a house in the Netherlands on the short term for several months or years. Thanks to our knowledge of the regional and national real estate market and the use of our extensive network, we can offer you – without any waiting lists – a broad and diverse selection of properties, which are all viewable of course. Tweelwonen has a personal approach and multi-lingual capacities and therefore mediates successfully in 70% of the cases. Whatever your needs and wishes might be, Tweelwonen will help you find a suitable and enjoyable accommodation, plus customize the contract to your rental situation.

As an exclusive deal we offer the expat introduced by Leiden Expat Centre a free registration, which will be followed by swift and professional guidance.

Visiting and postal address: Oude Herengracht 18, 2312 LN Leiden
T +31 (0)71 524 6878
F +31 (0)71 524 6870

Contact: Peter van der Tweel, E mail@tweelwonen.nl

Website: www.tweelwonen.nl     


Zorg en Zekerheid

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About us
As a healthcare insurer based in an international environment, we can show you the way to the best care providers (general practitioners, dentists, hospitals etcetera) with respect to quality, accessibility and price.

With Zorg en Zekerheid, you are covered by one of the best healthcare insurers.

Our services
If you have one of the Zorg en Zekerheid Group Insurance policies, you have the perfect insurance for your stay in Holland and you will benefit from a special discount.
Even your partner and children benefit from our offers. Children under the age of 18 are included in all insurances for free. We subscribe everyone without restrictions: regardless of age or medical condition.

We offer outstanding service, for example:

  • Your invoices paid within 10 working days, guaranteed;
  • Easy access to insurance information by telephone (0031 71 5 825 825) or internet (www.zorgenzekerheid.nl);
  • Medical Help Desk, available 7 days a week, between 8.00 and 20.00 hrs, for general health care advice and making appointments with medical organisations. (0031 71 5 825 828);
  • You can visit one of our insurance shops at any time for personal, tailor-made advice: the address is Korevaarstraat 2 Leiden in the city centre.

No matter what age you are, whether you are a student or have a job, whether you are single, married or live together, whether you have a permit to stay or not yet, we will help you with the changes in your personal situation. We therefore offer carefully structured insurance packages for expatriates. This way, there will always be a type of insurance that perfectly suits your needs. Welcome at Zorg en Zekerheid!

Zorg en Zekerheid
Visiting address: Haagse Schouwweg 12, 2332 KG  LEIDEN
Postal address: Postbus 400, 2300 AK  LEIDEN

Marije Gravemaker, Senior Accountmanager Collectieve Markt, T +31 (0)71 582 5365
Petra Hortulanus, Medewerker Sales Support, T +31 (0)71 582 5373

Website: www.zorgenzekerheid.nl/expatcentre   

Last update: 21-04-2016