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Health Care

Dutch Health Care System 

The Dutch health care system is often referred to as the ‘gate-keeper system’; the General Practitioner (GP, huisarts) or family doctor being the main link to any specialist or hospital. In order to see a medical specialist at the hospital, you will need to make an appointment with your GP to receive a referral. 

Without exception, health insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. The insurance reimburses part of you medical costs, depending on the type of insurance you have chosen. See 'insurances' to learn more about health care insurance.

General Practitioner (huisarts)

When you first arrive in the Netherlands, make sure to register with a GP in your neighbourhood. It is necessary to make an appointment before visiting a doctor in the Netherlands. In the case of an emergency, it will be possible to meet with your doctor on the same day. A doctor can determine whether or not a referral to a specialist is necessary. Prescriprions for medicine are also prescribed by your GP. Take your prescription to the nearest pharmacy (apotheek) to collect your medicine.


The national emergency number (for medical assistance, police or fire brigade) is 112. You are only allowed to call this number in case of emergencies. Health insurance will not cover the cost of a non-emergency visit to the first aid department of a hospital.

Outside office hours, a special GP emergency unit (huisartsenpost) can be reached by dialling the following phone number: 0900 513 80 39. It is located at the LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center), Albinusdreef 2, Leiden. This unit is set up for emergencies only and it is more expensive to consult with than a GP during the weekly consulting hours. Your health insurance will not cover the costs of a non-emergency visit to the GP emergency unit.

Dentist (tandarts

In general, the Dutch have a non-compulsory dental check up twice a year. When dental care is needed, you can call any dentist to make an appointment. Take into account that it could take a number of days before a dentist has time for an appointment. You may be asked to pay for the appointment in cash. If your insurance covers dental costs, ask the dentist for a receipt which will enable you to claim a refund from your insurance company.

Regional Health Services (GGD, Gemeentelijke Gezondheids Dienst)

Vaccinations for people planning to visit the tropics can be obtained at the GGD. Foreigners who come to the Netherlands do not usually have to be vaccinated at the GGD. People with certain nationalities are required to be tested for tuberculosis upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Addresses in Leiden

Addresses and phone numbers can also be found in  the telephone directory.

General Practitioners 
Dr Bergmeijer
Oude Vest 59
T +31 71 513 44 85
Dr Boels
Lammenschansweg 15b
T +31 71 566 33 27
Dr Boender and Dr Braken
‘De Schans’ building
Houtlaan 55 
T +31 71 513 77 50
Dr van Schie
Rijnsburgerweg 96
T +31 71 517 71 00
Dr Lindenhovius and Dr Akbaren
Bonairestraat 2
T +31 71 522 28 22
Emergency service / hospitals
The national emergency number is 112.
Leiden University Medical Center
Albinusdreef 2
Open 24 hrs a day, including weekends
Houtlaan 55
Open mon – fri from 8-17hrs excl holidays
Your doctor can provide you a prescription when necessary.
Centraal Apotheek
Breestraat 74
T +31 71 512 0552
De Aloe
Roodenburgerstraat 1a
T +31 71 512 0502
Haven Apotheek
Haven 18
T +31 71 522 6082
Steenstraat 35
T +31 71 512 0136
De Nachtwacht (Night pharmacy)
Main entrance LUMC
Albinusdreef 2
T +31 71 566 5019
Open mon – fri from 21:00 – 08:00
Regional Health Services
GGD Zuid-Holland Noord
Parmentierweg 49
T +31 71 516 3333
H.C. Teune
Roodenburgerstraat 18
T: + 31 71 5124724
M2 tandartsen
Praktijk Oegstgeest
Irislaan 281A
T: +31 71 5652455
Last update: 18-07-2016