Leiden Expat Center



List of numbers which you can call in case of an emergency:

Police (non-emergency)
+ 31 900 8844 (local call charges)
Doctors' after-hours service
+ 31 900 5138 039
City of Leiden Municipal services
+ 31 71 5165165
Arriva Customer Service
+ 31 800 0232545 (local call charges)
Other phone numbers can be found in the telephone guide.
Every first Monday of each month at 12.00 noon, the city's emergency sirens are tested. Do not be alarmed. In the event of a real emergency, turn on your television or radio and tune in to a local station for further information.
For general information about what to do in case of an emergency, visit the denkvooruit.crisis.nl website.

Stolen bank or credit card

You should report all lost or stolen bank and credit cards to the police as soon as possible. It is also important to have your cards blocked in order to prevent any unwanted charges. It is advised to call your bank as soon as you can.

If a bank card is lost or stolen:
Rabobank       088-7226767 (from abroad +31 887226767)
ABN-AMRO     0900-0024 (from abroad +31 102411720)
ING                   058-2126000 (from abroad + 31 582126000)

If a credit card is lost or stolen:
Rabobank                088-7226767 (from abroad +31 887226767)
ABN-AMRO              020 - 6600611
ING                            058-2126000 (from abroad +31 582126000)
American Express  020-5048000