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About fifty-five percent of the Dutch population is a member of a religious community, in the Netherlands you will find a diversity of religions. The majority of those with a religous conviction is affiliated with a Christian church (the Roman Catholic church or the Protestant church), the Roman Catholic church being the largest. Approximately ten percent of the Dutch population practises other religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

In the Netherlands, being part of a religious community does not necessarily mean attending church on a frequent basis. Less than twenty percent of the religious community attends church regularly, studies have shown a decline in religious affinity over the years. Religion is regarded as a very personal affair, as is illustrated by the fact that sixty percent of self-proclaimed believers in the Netherlands are not affiliated with any organised religion. In general, the emphasis is on the positive aspects of religion and concepts of hell and damnation remain in the background. Twenty-five percent of non-religious people are believed to pray now and then, though in a more meditative, self-reflective sense.

Churches, mosques & synagogues in Leiden

Addresses and phone numbers can also be found in the telephone directory. Note that most sermons are given in Dutch.
Baptist Church (Protestant)
Pieterkerkstraat 1
T 071 512 33 92
Gospel-Lutheran (Protestant)
Hooglandsekerkgracht 26
T 071 514 07 83
Dutch Reformed (Protestant)
Steenschuur 9-11
T 071 513 30 65
Freedom Church (Protestant)
Van Vollenhovenkade 21
T 071 514 23 17
The Fruitful Vine Parish Leiden (International English-speaking congregation)
Part of the Redeemed Christian Church of God
Oude Vest 61
T 06 411 192 52
Hartenburg Parish (Roman Catholic)
Haarlemmerstraat 106
T 071 512 04 01
International Church of Leiden (international English speaking church)
Vijfmeilaan 137 
T 06 1223 91 71
Maroccan Mosque (Islamic)
Rembrandtstraat 10
T 071 514 69 14
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (International English-speaking congregation)
Brahmslaan 2
T 071 572 03 52
Turkish Mosque (Islamic)
Curacaostraat 3
T 071 512 28 51
Synagogue (Jewish)
Levendaal 14-16
T 071 512 57 93
ICF - International Christian Fellowship
Haagweg 6
The Roman Catholic church of the Assumption of Mary and St. Joseph
Herensingel 3
T 071 521 81 13