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Leiden's Lakenfeesten, 3 October, Leids Cabaret Festival, Leidse Waterdagen, Rapenburg Concert, Open Monumentendagen (European Heritage Days), Leids Film Festival:

Leiden might not be the largest city in terms of size, but it sure knows how to host a sizeable party!

Leiden hosts festivals all year round. To name a few:

  • Leidse Jazzweek – with performances by famous national and international jazz and blues artists (January)
  • Scratch Muziekdagen – jam sessions by musicians who have joined forces for the occasion (February)
  • National Museum Weekend - more than 500 museums in the Netherlands open their doors to the public free of charge, or at a heavy discount. Many museums also organize special activities and performances (April)
  • Leidse Draaiorgeldag – a one-day barrel organ festival (May)
  • Muziekmarathon Leiden – a city-wide music festival (June)
  • Lakenfeesten – including the well-known Peurbakkentocht (a small fleet of decorated vessels in all shapes and sizes sails along the canals of Leiden) and the Dragon Boat Race (a canoe race cheered on  by drum music) (July)
  • Culinair Festival Leiden – a culinary festival (July)
  • Werfpop – featuring local, national and international rock bands (July)
  • Straatmuzikantenconcours De Gouden Pet – street musician competition (July)
  • Het Rapenburgconcert – a three-day multi-genre music festival along one of Leiden's canals (August)
  • Open Monumentendagen – during this event, various objects which are on the national heritage list are open to the public (September)
  • Leidens Ontzet – celebration of the liberation of Leiden in 1574 (3 October)
  • Leids Film Festival – international film festival (October)