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The arrival of Sinterklaas

13 October 2011

The arrival of Sinterklaas

The most sizable national festivity of the Netherlands is approaching: Sinterklaas! Sinterklaas will arrive in Leiden with his parcels boat on November 19. At 12:00 hrs the Blauwpoortsbrug (bridge) will open and the Sint will arrive at the Beestenmarkt with his Zwarte Pieten (his helpers). The Sint and his helpers will go on a tour of the city with Sint on his white horse Amerigo and he will arrive at the Stadhuisplein at 14:00 hrs. There, the Pieten will hand out hundreds of kilo’s of kruidnootjes (ginger nuts).

From November 20 until December 4, Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten will reside in the House of Sinterklaas (Huis van Sinterklaas). Every year, the monument De Waag is transformed into the spectacular House of Sinterklaas, where Sint and his helpers will stay for two weeks. Sinterklaas is quite proud of his house and is excited to show it to all the children of the region. And so the “goedheiligman” (benevolent saint) will open the doors to his house on a daily basis.

Every day, there will be plenty of activities and the Pieten will make sure that every visit to the house will be an unforgettable experience. You will be able to help wrap the presents in the present room, enjoy a delightful cup of ginger nut soup, dance the PietenMacarena and earn a Pietendiploma.

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