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Registering at the Municipality

If you move to the Netherlands from abroad for 4 months or longer, you must register with the municipality within five days of arrival. This rule applies to both European and non-European citizens. The registry of the municipality is referred to as the BRP.

The BRP (Municipal Personal Records Database/Basisregistratie Personen) is a government database which contains personal data of every resident in the Netherlands. Residents are required to register changes of address, births, marriages, deaths and other events that may affect their legal status or the government services which they are entitled to. Residence permit requests and the registration of the arrival of all people (Dutch and foreign) in a municipality is recorded in the BRP. The BRP is maintained by the Civil registration Office.

To make an appointment at the Expat Centre Leiden, internationals or HR representatives can call the Customer Contact Centre of the Leiden Municipality at +31 71 516 516 5 from abroad or 071 516 516 5 from within the Netherlands. The employees at the Customer Contact Centre speak both Dutch and English.

At the moment the ECL covers the municipal registration for people who live in Leiden or work for a company in Leiden. This service will be extended to the municipalities of Oegstgeest, Voorschoten, Leiderdorp, Katwijk and Zoeterwoude soon. Please keep an eye on our website for more information and an exact start date.

You can register with the municipality by visiting the town hall in the place where you live

Temporary registration Briefadres (correspondence address)

If the international does not yet have a home address in Leiden, it is possible to get a temporary registration at the company address. In certain instances, an expat can be registered on the address of a company or organization. In order to do so, a number of criteria must be met:

  1. The expat does not yet have a Dutch home address.
  2. The company/organization and the Leiden municipality have an existing agreement concerning registration on the particular address.
  3. The company has an address in Leiden.

The address of the company/organization can be used as a “correspondence address” (briefadres) for the expat for a maximum of 3 months.

In order to do this, please download, fill out and sign the 'adress registrationform' and have the expat bring it to his or her appointment at the Expat Centre Leiden. We update this form regularly. Please always use the latest version from the link provided.

Registration in Personal Records database (BRP) 

What to bring to the appointment?

  • A valid proof of identity. This may not be a driving license.
  • A recently issued original birth certificate. A recent original marriage certificate (if applicable). This is only needed for the first registration or if you have never shown your certificates before. These documents will be reviewed during your appointment. Both documents can also be presented at a later date.
  • Residence permit (visa or permit) (If you're not EU/EER resident.)
  • The filled out and company signed 'adress registrationform' if you don't have a home address in Leiden yet (see above).
  • Legalization
    Documents from certain countries must be legalized or have an apostille. Find more information on 
    the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Translations
    Some foreign documents must be translated into Dutch by a certified translator. The municipality will verify the authenticity of the identity documents.

What does it cost?
This service if free of cost.

How long does it take?
Registration takes place during the appointment. You will receive your BSN/citizen service number immediately.


If you go abroad for an extensive period of time (not on holiday), notify your municipality of your absence. If your family does not live in the Netherlands, you may notify the municipality in writing. Should both you and your complete family go abroad, you may also notify your municipality in writing. If one or more of your family members remain in the Netherlands while you go abroad, you are required to visit the town hall with all persons that intend to go abroad. It is important to notify the municipality of your departure. If you fail to notify the municipality of your departure, this could result in negative financial consequences!




Last update: 07-12-2016