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Bringing your family members to the Netherlands

Bringing along family members can make your stay in the Netherlands more enjoyable. However, it is advisable to carefully arrange for their stay in the Netherlands in order to avoid disappointment.

Bear in mind that family members who come over to join you in the Netherlands will be trading the comforts of home for the unknown. The issues that they may face, such as visa requirements, insurance, finding work and finding a school, will become less of a hurdle if you arrange them in advance.

It is possible to join your family member in the Netherlands when you are married or are in a registered partnership, when you wish to stay with your unmarried partner or as a minor child to stay with your parent(s). For any stay of over 3 months family-members and relatives require a “Provisional Residence Permit” (MVV) or / and a residence permit, unless they come from a country that belongs to the European Union or the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

On the “Residence Wizard” at the IND website you will read the requirements and conditions concerning your personal situation.

For EU/EEA nationals and their family members other rules apply.

Healthcare insurance

The Dutch healthcare insurance system generally provides insurance on an individual basis. It is likely that your personal healthcare insurance policy will not cover your family members and so it is advisable to look into a suitable healthcare insurance solution which will cover your family members for medical expenses. 

Childcare facilities and schools

If you intend to bring your children with you to the Netherlands, you might be looking for childcare facilities or schools.

(Source: IND)